11 Fun Vacation Spots for Young Adults in the US

fun vacation spots for young adults in the US

You may be planning a trip and would like to know the top fun vacation spots for young adults in the US.

The US is truly unique in that you can find something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a beach holiday, deep sea excursion, hiking, rock climbing, luxury and relaxation, a city experience—and everything in between—the options are limitless. This country has numerous attractions for various age groups, most of which are major crowd pullers with millions of annual visitors.

As a result, the tourism industry in the US attracts young adults from all over the world. But even better, young American adults enjoy traveling through the different States for adventure and fun.

This group seeks fun that is easily accessible, safe, and affordable. Of course, there is always global competition to contend with, but it is good to know that traveling for fun is still an option domestically. You don’t have to go outside the country to have a great time.

In this post, we will discuss the top spots to plan fun vacations for young adults while taking variety, affordability, safety, great places to eat, and historical monuments into consideration.

So, here are the few best vacation spots for young adults in the US.

Louisiana: French Quarters, New Orleans

From historical views, excellent food, and evening street parties to Ghost tours, the French Quarter in New Orleans is a young adult’s vacation spot dream.

Fun Vacation Spots For Young Adults In The US

Why. The French Quarter is one of the richest and most unique cultural hubs the US offers. It has incubated its own practically autonomous identity. New Orleans is unlike anywhere else and offers unique experiences you can’t find anywhere else.

Make a stop at Jackson Square Park to enjoy some artistry by locals, or visit one of the many historical museums that the French Quarters is known for. Or even better, enjoy some Habor jazz brunch or dinner on the Mississippi river aboard the last authentic steamboat, the Natchez. There is something for everyone.

The French Quarter is also renowned for its evening street parties to which all are invited. Taste the night music, enjoy slushies, and with a belly full of gumbo.

California: Pacific Coast Highway

Why? California is widely renowned for its natural attractions, and this is for a good reason. It sits on the precipice of our Pacific shelf, and it’s genuinely one of the best fun vactaion spots for young adults in the US, especially for those seeking a road trip!

The highway snakes along the coast and offers unparalleled views. It’s a trip that can be tailored to fit what you’re looking for; you can make it as remote as you’d like, though it’s highly recommended to stop at some of the awing cities along the way. There are plenty of beaches and beach-related natural activities, like surfing, swimming, boating, etc. The Pacific Coast also hosts a stunning group of cities, from Los Angeles to San Francisco.

Also, if you are looking for more things to do here, consider visiting the wine country or whale-watching.

California: Yosemite National Parks:

Beautiful coasts, deserts, reaching mountains—California has it all, and this is evident in the Yosemite National Parks.

Why? Yellowstone, The Grand Canyon, and Yosemite National Park are all places in California that offer endless outdoor activities.

There is something to do for everyone here, which makes it one of the best fun vacation spots for young adults in the US.

While unique in their own ways, all three spots offer stunning landscapes. Yosemite National Park is also known for its beautiful granite cliffs, meadows, lakes, waterfalls, and substantial sequoia groves. It’s the perfect sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of today’s world.

Colorado: Rocky Mountains National Park

Why? Colorado is a hiker’s nirvana. The Rockies are one of the best places to travel to in the US, especially for those young adults who appreciate the wilderness. The Rockies host the highest peaks in central North America!

It’s pretty self-evident that the best thing to do is to explore the breathtaking nature this mountain range and national park offer. This could be in the form of wildlife watching, hiking, biking, camping, and so much more!

Minnesota: Minneapolis

Why? There are so many fun vacation spots for young adults in the US to visit in Minneapolis, you may want to add this State to your list.

Minneapolis is known for nature. It has over 10,000 lakes (including one of the great lakes, lake Superior) and multiple wooded trails. It is a nirvana for outdoor hobbyists. But the attractions don’t end with the outdoors.

My favorite place to visit in Minneapolis is the Mall of America. With over 520 stores and 60 restaurants, Mall of America is the largest mall in the United States and makes the list of the top 20 biggest malls worldwide. This mall gets over 40 million visitors every year, who enjoy more than just shopping. The mall features an aquarium, a 13-screen movie theatre, fun rides for children and adults, and many other attractions.

Prince’s private estate and production complex, Paisley Park, features artifacts from his life, and it is one of the most visited places in Minnesota as Paisley Park opens its doors to guided tours.

Other places to visit while vacationing in Minnesota include the International Wolf Center in Ely, the Cathedral of Saint Paul in Saint Paul, Bob Dylan Way in Duluth, Minneapolis Institute of Art in Minneapolis, Voyageurs National Park, and the Marine Art Museum in Winona.

New York, Times Square

Why? New York Time Square is the most visited destination in the US and the world. Times Square is a commercial junction dotted with shops and lit up by billboards. The famous Broadway Theater District sits in the bustling intersection and offers the best entertainment. Visitors in the square flock to countless restaurants and shops and enjoy the sights and sounds the square has to offer.

I think that Times Square is one of the top fun vacation spots for young adults in the US because it offers so much. From the opportunity to see characters from major tv shows or movies, great places to eat or drink, and a variety of entertainment, but my favorite, would be the opportunity to watch an award-winning Broadway show.

Nevada: Las Vegas

New Orleans is everything a millennial traveler could want, it is also one of those travel spots that is visited, by almost everyone, at least once in their lifetime.

Why? Las Vegas is not just about betting and winning. Of course, if that’s why you are there, there’s no better place to gamble. However, if you are not feeling so lucky and would instead catch other entertainment, this is an excellent place for a variety of fun.

From the Fountains of Bellagio, a free performance available to all taking a walk down the strip, A-list celebrity performances, half-day tours, to extreme spots. Not to mention multiple museums such as the Mob Museum and Madame Tussauds!

Most entertainments are affordable, lodging is shockingly inexpensive, plus there is so much food to sample at reasonable costs. All of these make Las Vegas one of the top fun vacation spots for young adults in the US.

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Oregon: Portland

We are listing the entire city of Portland as a fun vacation spot for young adults simply because there is so much to do here for this group of travelers.

Why? There is a little something for everyone in Portland, which makes it top of the list for great fun vacation spots for young adults in the US.

Do you love drinking? Then a sampling tour of Brewvana, which boasts over 70 breweries, might be the activity for you. Are you a bookworm? Then you cannot leave this city without visiting Powell’s City of Books. And it is literally what the name says. A four-story independent bookstore that houses a city block of books. Don’t forget to stop at Pittcock’s Mansion to get a view of the skyline of this beautiful city and to see several artifacts that tell the history of Portland.

Portland can also brag about many eateries, such as Luc Lac Vietnamese Kitchen, Mucca’s Osteria, Eem, Lovely’s Fifty Fifty, Kachka, Toki, and so many more.

Texas: Austin

Music, street life, good food, shopping. These are just a few of the things that Austin is known for. It is also home to the renowned University of Texas (UT), it is also where well-known companies like Tesla, Apple, Visa, Charles Schwab, and eBay have their headquarters.

Why? The ACL, a music festival held at Zilker park in Austin, is one of the biggest nationwide attractions this city offers. Over 130 artists perform here annually, and the celebration held over two weekends attracts more than 450,000,000 people.

Austin is known for great music, and many beautiful restaurants and upscale shopping are available in areas such as the Domain, 2nd Street District, and Barton Creek Square.

Austin is also known for excellent restaurants, and you can tour the city for historical sites, take part in a unique biking adventure, tour haunted places in a hearse, and so on.

The Florida Keys

Spanning over 120 miles at the very top of Florida is a group of islands that make up the tropical wonderland known as the Florida keys.

Why? The Florida Keys is a vacationer’s paradise. Plus, it’s affordable and has a unique vibe different from anything else on this list. It’s perfect for those who enjoy the water and the tropical atmosphere and for those who enjoy good food and drinks. If you love eating and outdoor fun, you probably would never want to leave.

Strangely enough, Florida’s best attraction is relegated to its bottom-most tip or Mile Marker Zero. But that’s the kind of stuff that cultivates a truly unique identity. Plus, driving from island to island is a surreal experience everyone can enjoy.

Fun things to do in the Florida Keys for young adults include kayaking, scuba diving, sunset boat cruises, museums, and historical places.

There’s almost too much to list—from the ocean to drinking to good food to an Underwater Jesus (the kind of Jesus practically everyone can get behind—maybe even he needs a holiday like this sometimes), there won’t be a dull moment. 

Illinois: Chicago

Even though Chicago has had a lot of negative media recently, it is still one of our top fun vacation spots for young adults in the US.

Why? The Chicago Lake Front not only sets off the beautiful timeline for which Chicago is known, but it offers an excellent place for get-togethers, picnics, skating, and so much more, making this one of the best fun vacation spots for young adults in the US.

Not too far from the Lakefront is the renowned Magnificent Mile, or the “Mag Mile,” An assemblage of upscale shops, Chicago’s best restaurants, fashion outlets, beautiful hotels, and most of Chicago’s landmarks such as the Water tower, the Wrigley Building which boasts of 100 stories, and the Tribune tower.

Not to mention, Chicago is home to the Bulls, the Bears, Michael Jordan, Oprah, Kanye West, President Obama, Bernie Mac, Harrison Ford, Hugh Hefner, Dwyane Wade, John Cusack, Robin Williams, and Hilary Clinton, to name a few. You may get to sample good old Chicago Jazz, taste Chicago’s deep-dish Pizza, and so much more.

Further, you can take a trip to the Navy Pier, which is quickly becoming one of the most visited places in the US. Plus, the globally famous event, Lollapalozza, holds every year in Chicago.

A Few Final Words

As you can see, the US offers a massive list of places for young adult vacationers to enjoy, and to be honest, we have only scratched the surface. If you are a young adult looking for fun vacation spots, there’s a ton of great stuff to see in the US—find it! Be safe while traveling, and stick to all recommendations and regulations.

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Christine Udeani, JD

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