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Founded by Christopher and Christine Udeani, Adulting Smart is about helping young adults and parents of young adults muddle through life’s complexities. Whatever your adulting challenge is, we want to tackle it with you. Whether you are trying to find solutions for your career, relationships, college, daily life struggles, finances, well-being, or anything else, we will do the leg work and find answers. Don’t hesitate to send us questions you struggle with. We will respond with a well-researched post on this blog.

Adulting is a struggle, but it can be fun. Let’s adult together!

Meet Christine Udeani, JD

Christine Udeani, JD

Co-Founder and Managing Editor at Adulting Smart

Christine Udeani, a devoted mother to seven children, most of who are young adults, has made significant contributions to the online world through her writing. With over 100 published online posts and books in business for women and young adult issues, she has established herself as an expert in these areas.

Christine holds business, law, and communications degrees, having attended Northwestern University in Evanston, IL, Strayer University, Thomas M Cooley School of Law, and NWCULAW.

Christine’s diverse background includes experience in the corporate environment, entrepreneurship, and authorship. All of these have given her a unique perspective that she shares through her writing and speaking engagements.

She is passionate about helping young people and their parents navigate the transition to adulthood.

In her free time, Christine loves biking, spending quality time with her family, and indulging in her love of coffee. If you want to learn more about her work, you can connect with Christine Udeani on Instagram or Facebook.

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