How Can Young Adults Make Money – 20 Great Ideas

How Can Young Adults Make Money – 20 Great Ideas

How can young adults make money? A question that always comes up when individuals are looking to create a side hustle or full-blown entrepreneurship. When asked how young people earn an income most people think of YouTube and Crypto, but there are so many other avenues.

It’s no secret that many young adults and teens seem to have it figured out various means of making money on their own, while a great many others don’t have a clue. This is where we come in. In this post, we will show you what is making money for young people both on and offline, and we share 20 popular strategies so that you too can get started today.

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So, How Can Young Adults Make Money?

Young adults today make money in many different ways. Most commonly they can sell a service, knowledge, a physical product, or a virtual product. Doing any of these activities will fall into the 20 different methods for making money for young adults listed below.

1. You Can Start a Dropshipping Business

Most people are turned off by dropshipping for various reasons. 1) They believe all dropshipping products come from China, 2) They are not sure what product will be successful, and 3) The nature of the economy. Still, both young and older adults and many companies live by dropshipping.

Dropshipping simply is the business of selling products you do not have at hand. For instance, you can list to sell products on the shelves of a physical or virtual store without actually purchasing the product. When an individual buys the product through your listing, then you purchase and blind ship it to their location. Blind shipping means that they don’t know it’s coming from you.

How can young adults make money?

2. You Can Become a Life Coach

A life coach is someone that helps others achieve their life goals. You can help someone start a business and achieve certain results. You can help them train for a career sport or help them grow an existing business. Life coaches can be motivators or help with a plan, or Life coaches do not have to prove that they have attained the goals that they are teaching, but they should have a track record of helping others achieve a specific outcome and have a method that is proven.

3. You Can Start a Digital Marketing Business

What do you know about marketing online? Even if you are new to this, are you willing to learn? Digital marketing is highly demanded today, and this demand is not going anywhere.

4. Sell Something Online

Everyone, including your grandma, has sold something on Amazon. Maybe you have too. But have you ever considered turning this leading choice in work-from-home opportunities into a home-based career?

5. Start Affiliate Marketing

How can young adults make money?

Affiliate marketing has turned a lot of website owners into successful online entrepreneurs. This industry has grown exponentially by harnessing online networks built by individuals to sell directly to consumers via referral marketing. Learn how you can become part of this explosive industry.

6. Start a Print on Demand T-Shirt Business

I enjoy buying tees and other apparel with funny messages or quotes for coffee enthusiasts or business-minded moms (like myself). Some of you may get a trip out of owning merchandise that lightens up your day with a message about something personal to you. The Print on Demand (POD) industry is here to stay. Learn how you can become part of this industry, working from home and owning absolutely no inventory.

7. Sell on eBay

eBay is one of the first mega-marketplaces to appear online. Arguably, Amazon may have learned one or two things from this platform. eBay’s business plan is built around individual merchants. Do you think you have nothing to sell? Think again.

8. Sell on Etsy

Are you one of those arty, crafty people intent on making something useful at all times? A handmade skirt for your niece, a picture frame for your brother-in-law, a scrunchie watch band for your cousin. Stop! Let’s monetize your skills. Open up a store on Etsy and see how many people are willing to pay real money for your hand-crafted merchandise. Let’s learn more together.

How can young adults make money?

9. Create a Course

While Affiliate marketing is considered the bread and butter of blogs and other independently owned websites, course creation takes you up a level. Most website owners say that they only started making “real” revenue from their sites after creating a product. Most of these products were courses. But you do not need to have a website to create your own course. If you have a skill or expertise or are willing to research an area of competency, you too can create your own course, and I will show you how.

10. Start a Photography from Home Business

If you are anything like me, I am taking pictures around the clock. Beautiful captures of family, nature, and anything that catches my attention. Well, you don’t have to let your pictures die on your phone because there are work-from-home opportunities like stock photo sales, that will love to get their hands on your pictures. Learn how you can turn your photo-taking habit into a profitable venture.

11. Write an e-book and sell it online

Most individuals write an e-book to offer free value to their website audience. Many do so as an effective way to gain email subscribers. But many entrepreneurs have monetized this offering effectively, making it a significant opportunity for online revenue. One such entrepreneur is Harsh Agrawal of

Learn how you too can create and sell e-books to your audience.

12. Publish a book to Kindle Direct Publishing

One of my favorite work-from-home opportunities listed here is Kindle Direct Publishing and for a good reason. If you have content that you would like to share with the world, you can have a book published and listed for sale on Amazon’s huge platform within 24 hours. This is a long shot from the way things were done in previous years, where it took almost a year after signing up with a publisher to get your book out.

13. Publish an Audible Book

If you publish a Kindle Book, why not take it to the next step and publish an audible book? Audible books open your work up to a larger audience. The great thing is that this is not difficult to do. With a step-by-step guide, I will get you there.

14. Become a Re-seller

No, we are not talking about turning your trash into cash. Reselling has become a winning trend because people buy more than they need, and many people hold on to valuable items that they may never use. A lot of “good” stuff goes to waste when it is not recycled. By becoming a reseller, you will get paid for recycling reusable items. I will show you how you can get started.

How can young adults make money?

15. Become a Tutor

With so many kids at home needing a little more guidance than mom and dad can offer, and with parents a little frazzled by home-schooling, tutoring is gaining demand. Interestingly, tutors have always been in demand. As long as children need help with school work and acing examinations, tutoring will remain in demand. If you love working with kids and are smarter than the average 5th grader, there may be a future here for you.

16. Become a Freelance Writer

I love writing, and it does take quite a significant chunk of my time. I probably would not have been able to sustain my love for writing if there was no demand for content. There are so many writers out there, and I hope you are all getting paid for this highly demanded-skill. If not, you may want to see this post on becoming a freelance writer. Freelance writing is another favorite of mine on the work-from-home opportunities list.

17. Become a Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant works from home, or a remote office, to help others with administrative tasks. Research, website updating, and customer service calls are a few of the tasks you can expect as a virtual assistant. Do you have an Administrative Assistant in you? Learn how you can turn this into a work-from-home opportunity.

18. Manage Events Online

The 2020 pandemic brought with it a lot of changes. We can confidently assume that things will never be the same again (in a positive way). A lot of individuals have turned to technology. Yes, we still have the same needs, just a different way of doing things. Managing events online is one of the work-from-home opportunities that has come to stay.

19. Become a Transcriptionist

Whether you want to focus on medical, legal, or general transcription, some industries need your skills now, and they are willing to pay you to learn. Now that is what I call a winning number on our work-from-home opportunities list.

20. Start a Blog and Own It!

“Blogging is overrated”

It’s overly competitive, an over-saturated industry, and blah blah blah.

Get over it! The point is whether we like it or not, blogging is still being done in a number of ways today, and people are still making a living off of it. So the whole point is that we need to learn how to do it right so we can be those people too.

How can young adults make money?

One amazing niche in blogging is Travel Blogging. Travel Blogging will give you the opportunity to see the world around you. You don’t have to hop into a plane to become a travel blogger. Just start from your community. Besides, this niche of blogging promises a solid income if done right. And if that doesn’t suit you, know there are many other niches to choose from when it comes to blogging. Overall, not only is it a great way to make money as a young adult, it’s a great way to make money at home (which trust me, most young adults are interested in doing things like this).

Christine Udeani, JD
Christine Udeani, JD

Christine is a dedicated mother of six young adults and a teenager who has made significant contributions to the online world through her writing and entrepreneurship. She attended Northwestern University, Strayer University, Thomas M Cooley School of Law, NWCULAW, and holds degrees in business, Law, and Communications. She shares tips and experiences to help young adults and their parents with this generation’s issues.

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