How Do I Raise My Daughter to be a Leader? 35 Tips Follow

How Do I Raise My Daughter to be a Leader

Many people ask, how do I raise my daughter to be a leader? And this is simply because, as parents, we believe in setting up our children for success.

Even though leadership skills may come naturally for some, the good news is they don’t have to be born a leader. Today, we know that teaching anyone leadership skills is possible. In recent research, the University of Illinois College of Agriculture, Consumer and Environmental Sciences (ACES) researchers tell us that “Leaders are born, not made.”

What’s more, today is the best time to start raising female leaders, as women have proven that they can be great leaders in every way.

This post will discuss 30 things you can do to prepare your daughter to be a good leader.

How Do I Raise My Daughter to be a Leader

To raise your daughter to be a leader, you should start early to instill those qualities that will give her the confidence and competence to influence and guide others to achieving specific goals. Such qualities include humility, servitude, communication, attention to detail, goal setting, planning, project management, teamwork, creativity, hard work, making a difference, accountability, and many more skills discussed in this post.

Teaching your daughter leadership skills does not necessarily mean she wants to lead everything. It may instill in her the urge to step up more times than not. In such cases and when called to, she will be adequately equipped.

If you are Asking, How Do I Raise my Daughter to be a Leader? Below are 35 Tips to get you Started

Start Early

The most effective way to teach your daughter anything, especially about being a leader is to start early. Most psychologists agree that essential life skills should be taught to children early on and not the other way around. Tim Elmore of Growing Leaders agrees, saying children should be prepared for the path their lives would take and not the path for the child.

Starting to teach your daughter leadership skills early on in life will help her adapt these skills naturally. It is not impossible or ineffective if your decision to teach leadership skills comes much later in her life.

Teach them to Ask Questions and Allow Them to Form Their Own Opinions

Allowing your daughter to ask questions and form her own opinion will allow her to become an independent thinker and help her develop her own beliefs.

Understand Who Your Daughter Wants to Be

Most parents make the mistake of attempting to mold their children into who they want them to be, rather than who the child wants to become. Before embarking on the journey of raising your daughter as a leader, make sure that you understand who she wants to be so that you will avoid unpleasant resistance as she grows. Luckily leadership is needed in every career area.

Lead by Example

It is hard to teach anything if you are sloppy in your own life. Exemplary parents are the best teachers. You can also learn alongside your child, and both of you can grow together. Do not expect to raise your daughter to be a focused and effective leader if you are setting an example of laziness, and sloppiness and have low expectations for yourself.

Instill Confidence

Confidence is usually instilled in a child by the parents and others around them. If you shut your child up, talk down to them, or are abusive to them, they probably will have low confidence. Also, you should work with them to avoid negative influences by their peers as this can diminish confidence as well.

Allow your Daughter to Express Herself

When your daughter is allowed to express herself, it will affect her growth positively and help her have a good understanding of who she is.

Help Her Discover Leadership Opportunities

There are opportunities to lead all over the community and even in your own homes. From organizing a beach day pick-up or participating in a local event to help the community, your daughter can discover and hone her leadership skills in stress-free settings.

Encourage Her Natural Curiosity

Children are naturally curious and as they grow, they seek to understand the world against them. Encouraging their natural curiosity will help them think out complex situations and better understand the world we live in. This skill is extremely necessary for becoming a leader.

Teach Her to Believe in Something

Whether it is positive or negative, all leaders should believe in something. This way, they don’t appear wishy-washy and lose the respect and confidence of their followers.

Teach Her Planning and Proper Time Management

We have heard it said that time is the most valuable resource. This is not just a true statement, but one that all leaders should understand. Given that leaders guide others to a goal, they should be able to plan out processes and achieve them within a given period of time. Effective time management skills will help them achieve just that.

Teach Problem Solving

Leaders solve problems, whether doing so is their final goal, or whether they have to do so to achieve their final goals. Also, in real life, problems should be anticipated, but when they are not, a leader that has the right skills should be able to deal with them effectively. Create scenarios at home to allow your daughter to practice these skills, also enroll her in classes or courses that teach problem-solving skills.

Teach Her Accountability

Your daughter should learn to be accountable for her successes, and also for her failures. Showing accountability will help her appreciate both, and teach her to avoid certain actions as a leader.

Encourage Her Creativity

How Do I Raise My Daughter to be a good Leader

Leaders are creative individuals. They should be able to use this creativity to grow, guide their followers, solve group problems, and show their competence. Make sure that as your daughter grows, you do not hinder her creativity.

Put Her in Situations Where She Can Make a Difference

As a Rotarian, I would take my daughters to the club and make sure that they are involved in projects that make a difference. Teaching your daughter that her actions or involvement can make a difference empowers her to want to do more.

Encourage Her to Speak Up and Be Heard

In the article, What Do Women Leaders Have in Common? by Sharmilla Ganesan, featuring, German chancellor Angela Merkel, Bangladeshi prime minister Sheikh Hasina, and Liberian president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Gensan writes of the similarities between female leaders she interviewed.

She said that to her surprise they had very similar experiences, take, for instance, none of them were hushed when they spoke up in the dinner table conversations. And in this setting, where their families were interested in hearing their opinion, is where all the women leaders that were interviewed, found their voices.

Teach Her to Listen to Others

Good leaders need to listen to their followers. This ensures mutual understanding and increases the willingness of followers to collaborate. By understanding what their followers want, and what their concerns are, they are able to show empathy. The followers in turn are willing to trust and support them, and together they can achieve group goals. 

When followers perceive that someone that’s leading them is not listening to them, they may quickly gang up against the leader, and make achieving simple goals difficult for them. They will also give them labels that may not necessarily be accurate, such as narcissistic, egotistic, and so on.

Give Her Projects She Can Complete

When individuals are given projects that they can achieve, they build confidence to work on bigger projects. In raising your daughter to be a leader, make sure that you are teaching her to complete little projects.

Support What She is Interested in

If you daughter senses that your interest and hers are not aligned, you are more likely to get resistance from her and you don’t want that. Whatever the case, you should be trying to support, meet and grow her interests and not yours.

Teach Her to Work in Teams

Leadership is all about teamwork. If your daughter does not develop the ability to work in teams and accomplish team goals with different personalities, she is not going to make an effective leader.

Teach Her to Work Hard

Hardworking leaders set the stage for what they expect from their teams. If the leader is hardworking, not only do they get more, but this shows the followers what is expected of them.

Teach Her Fairness

Leaders that want the respect of their followers are fair. This is not a skill you learn on the job but should be part of who you are. Teach your daughter to be fair to everyone she deals with in preparation for becoming a leader.

Teach Your Daughter Humility

Humility is the best quality of leadership. Jesus remained humble among his followers even to the extent of washing their feet. As you raise your daughter to lead, she will grow in many aspects of her life. Remind her not to get swollen-headed but to stay humble.

Teach Her to Appreciate Others

Being a leader is like standing on a pinnable. It is those people who put you up there that can pull you down. Learn to appreciate others, including those who work side-by-side with you, and those who work below you.

The Best Leaders are Servants

Servant leaders are those individuals who lead by serving. They could be serving their customers, followers, their team, their investors, or any other group. They come down to the level of those they choose to serve, build an understanding of their needs and then choose to serve them.

Leadership by servitude has been shown by most great leaders such as Jesus Christ – leader of the Christians, Mahatma Gandhi – leader of the civil rights of India, Herb Kelleher – CEO of Southwest Airlines whose popularity grew from serving Southwest’s employees.

The Best Leaders Leaders Are Great at Following

Great leaders are exemplary and they will show this in any way that they can. One such way is by being a great follower. Teach your daughter to learn to follow, then she can identify on a first-hand basis the issues that are common to followers, and be able to solve them as a leader.

Teach Her to Be Firm

Leadership is about being firm. Stand on what you believe in and stand by it. You can of course be flexible to meet the needs of others, but not wishy-washy.

Teach Her the Power of Education

Education will not only help your daughter to learn what she needs to know as a leader but can elevate her to leadership status based on what her certificates imply that she knows.

Teach Her to Make Contributions

Whether it is of her time, talent, or her finances, leaders should be able to make contributions to help others. Teach your daughter this at an early age.

She Should Learn How to Win Competitions

Your daughter should be able to participate in, and win competitions. By competing to win, she will learn invaluable skills that can rocket her team to the top. Also, the perception that she is a winner will make others willing to listen, learn, and be led by her.

She Must Learn to Communicate Effectively

How Do I Raise My Daughter to be a speaker

Communication is a key skill for leadership. Importantly, leaders should be able to articulate what they want, speak publicly, and use their non-verbal skills effectively. For this reason, if you want to raise your daughter to be a leader, invest in her being able to communicate effectively.

She Needs to Develop an Area of Expertise

Expertise tells everyone that you are competent. How can people trust you to navigate the ocean, if you do not know how to sell? Competence is the mark of a good leader.

You really do not have to be an expert at everything, but you should be able to identify expertise and bring in competent people to achieve your goal. Make your daughter an expert at something she cares about.

Make Her Understand that She is Learning to Lead

Your daughter will be able to start seeking the skills she needs to become a leader if she understands that this is your goal for her, and if she buys into it. Teach her the benefits of leadership and show her how to achieve the skills, but then trust that she will go out to grow those skills that she will need. Good leaders don’t wait on others.

Reward Her Growth Positively

Set milestones for your daughter, and when she achieves them, give her a reward. Some people thrive on praise others want something more. Make sure that you agree with your daughter on what she is getting as this will also teach her to set earnings goals and achieve them.

Believe in and Support Your Daughter

Some individuals get lost in their aspirations for their children and forget that they are working to help their children achieve something, not for themselves. As today’s young adults will put it, living vicariously through your kids. Put aside your own aspirations and support your daughter. If you are raising your daughter to be a leader, you will find that her growth is faster and more confident, when she knows she has the right support.

Reduce Your High Expectations

Some children thrive with high parental expectations, but not too many. Having too high an expectation of your child used to work quite effectively some generations ago. Today, psychologists say that this may have the opposite effect. An article on by David Braucher, Ph.D. suggests that high parental expectations may result in disappointment, low-self esteem, and shame.

A Few Final Words

I hope you find this post, how do I raise my daughter to be a leader, helpful. the most important tip is to get started and to give your daughter the credit for her growth.

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