How To Communicate Better With Your Grown Daughter?

how to communicate better with your grown daughter

If you are struggling with getting along with your daughter, you may be prompted to ask, How to communicate better with your grown daughter? After all, communication is the foundation for a conflict-free relationship. Many parents struggle with communicating with their daughters, especially as they get older.

To communicate better with your grown daughter, you should try to listen actively, hear her, don’t cut into her speaking, validate her feelings, avoid judgment, stay calm, be clear and concise, and show empathy. We will take a deeper look into these actions in a minute.

This blog post will explore practical tips for improving your communication skills with your daughter and why you may have difficulty communicating with her. Hopefully, we can help you strengthen your relationship with her.

Listen to your daughter actively:

Listening actively to your grown daughter is the first step to communicating better with her This means putting away all distractions, like your phone, and paying attention to what she says, her tone of voice, and body language. The goal is to try hearing, understanding, and empathizing with her.

When your daughter sees that you are interested in what she is saying, she will be more comfortable divulging information to you. She will also be more interested in hearing what you have to say.

Validate your daughter’s feelings:

It’s important to acknowledge your daughter’s emotions, even if you disagree with her point of view. Validating her feelings shows that you understand where she is coming from and that you respect her as an individual.

Ask her questions on how she feels about the topic and acknowledge that it is OK for her to feel a certain way. For instance, it is OK for her to cry, laugh, or be mad. Depending on the circumstances. You can still share your opposing views in a manner that respects her feelings.

Avoid judging her:

Some parents are quick to prioritize their feelings over their daughter’s when communicating with them. And doing so results in your judging them rather than empathizing with them. I will tell you right now that the fastest way to get your daughter to shut down or avoid talking to your about important things in her life or that she is going through is to show your disapproval of the information she shares with you.

Whether you are communicating with your grown daughter or son, you should avoid disparaging them for their thoughts or feelings. This can make her feel like you don’t accept her for who she is or you disapprove of her. Instead, encourage her to express herself, listen to what she has to say accept the way she feels about things.

This doesn’t mean that you should not have your own opinion to communicate better with your daughter. Rather, you should respect her own views about life and share yours, acknowledging differences. Remember, the world is changing, and the views of younger people are quite different, and honestly, they are more accepting of things that their parents may disapprove of. As a parent wanting to communicate better, you must approach your child’s views open-mindedly.

If your daughter is doing something outrightly illegal, wrong, or dangerous. Acknowledge her bravery in sharing this information with you. And firmly give her corrective information, or find someone to help you with this.

Remain calm:

It’s natural for parents to become frustrated or angry when their child is behaving in a way that they find challenging. But raising your voices, exchanging rude words, talking over one another, or throwing an adult tantrum, never helps the situation. It’s important to stay calm and avoid reacting in a way that might escalate the situation. Take deep breaths, count to ten, or even take a short break if you need to.

Remember that as a parent, you are a role model for your grown daughter, even if she doesn’t show it. Remaining calm doesn’t only help you communicate better with your daughter. It helps further in your conversation and teaches her the right way to communicate with others.

Be clear and concise:

When communicating with your daughter, be clear and concise about what you are trying to say. Use simple language and avoid talking in circles or using vague terms.

Being clear on what you mean is essential for effective communication with your daughter. When you communicate in a clear and concise manner, you can avoid misunderstandings and conflicts. This type of communication can help you get your point across more effectively and ensure that your grown daughter understands your message.

It can also enhance your daughter’s understanding of your perspective. Avoid beating around the bush, and provide straightforward and simple information to help your daughter grasp the message you are trying to convey. This can lead to a deeper understanding of each other’s perspectives and strengthen your relationship overall.

Think of what you want to say and how you want to say it, and do so. It really is just that simple. You seem dishonest when you are vague or try to avoid saying what you need to. You may also seem unsure or not confident. The bottom line is when you are not clear, there will be miscommunication.

Show empathy:

It’s important to show empathy towards your daughter. Try to put yourself in her shoes and understand how she might be feeling. This can help you communicate more effectively and build a stronger relationship with her.

To show empathy and communicate better with your daughter, it is essential to start by listening actively, as discussed above. Acknowledging her emotions is equally important and can go a long way in showing empathy towards your daughter. Even if you don’t agree with her feelings or point of view, it’s also important to respect and acknowledge her experiences by validating her emotions. You should also try to put yourself in her shoes and see the situation from her perspective, to help you better understand her feelings.

When you show empathy to your daughter, you create a safe and supportive environment where she feels comfortable expressing herself. And this way, you can improve communication and strengthen your relationship with her.

A Few Final Words

Effective communication is key to building a strong relationship with your daughter. By listening actively, validating her feelings, and avoiding judgment, you can create a safe and open environment where she feels comfortable expressing herself. Remember to stay calm, use “I” statements, be clear and concise, and show empathy towards your daughter. With these tips, you can improve your communication skills and enjoy a better relationship with your daughter, now and in the future. So, start implementing these strategies and watch your bond with your daughter grow stronger every day.

Christine Udeani, JD
Christine Udeani, JD

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