How to Get Young Adults Motivated. 5 Effective Tips

How to Get Young Adults Motivated

You are here because you want to know how to get young adults motivated. If you have trouble motivating young people? You’re not alone! Parents, educators, employers, politicians, and many others want to know how to get young adults motivated. Well, we have done the research and we share some great ideas in this post. Find out what works best for you and your young adult below.

When you’re trying to get young people interested in something, there are five ways to go about it. Find out what works best for you!

5 Ways to Motivate Young People

Before getting to the five tips, make sure you start with a strong foundation. The first step when getting young adults excited about an activity is to understand why they aren’t already doing it. Once you’ve figured that out, you can start working on motivating them to try new things.

Sometimes people lack motivation because they are not challenged enough, others may feel over-challenged and decide to give up on everything else. Find out what the case is with your young adult. If your young adult isn’t interested in something, chances are he’s bored. And boredom leads to apathy, which leads to laziness, which leads to… well, you know what happens next.

Here Are Some Great Tips on How to Get Young Adults Motivated

Start by Changing Your Bad Habits

Do you have bad habits that may be affecting your young adult’s behavior? Whether your young adult lives at home or not, parents usually have a strong influence on the way their children turn out.

Most young adults are a product of the environment they grew up in. If you are a parent, ask yourself what may you have done in the past that may have affected the motivation of your young adult. Parents are quick to look down on the behaviors of their young adults and criticize them, but their actions may have led to the lack of motivation the young adult is experiencing.

If you are a parent and you exhibit any of the following behaviors towards your young adult, then it is time to make huge changes. The following all have the effect of reducing the motivation of most young adults.

Are you leading by example?

If you are a parent that is all over the place, you have no structure and are unmotivated, it is likely that the children and young adults that are in your care or around you will exhibit similar behaviors.

Are you critical of your young adult?

If you are too critical of your young adult and use words that have very strong negative meanings on them you may drive down their motivation. Some parents are very toxic and they may call their young adults names like lazy or refer to them as a failure.

Do you encourage your young adult?

Some do not encourage their young adults or children in any way, and they ignore their accomplishments. Because encouragement is a great way to motivate young people, if you are not already doing so, you may want to get started.

Do you compare your young adult to their friends and others?

This is a no, no! Nobody wants to be compared to others unless they are doing much better than the other person. When you compare the results of different individuals, you disregard the struggle they both went through.

Give Them A Project to Work On

If you want to motivate young adults to do something, give them something to do. This might mean giving them a project to work on, or letting them help with chores around the house.

If you want to motivate young people to participate in activities, you should focus on what they enjoy most. For example, if they love playing sports, then you could encourage them to create a team or privately coach younger individuals. Or if they’re into art, you could help them find a club where they can express themselves creatively, they can start a blog or book on how to draw, or develop a business, teaching others.

Make sure to match the project to their level of intellect or physical ability. Plus, it’s also helpful to make sure they have some sort of reward at the end of the task.

Let Them Be In Charge

Put your young adults in charge of projects when you can, or you can put them in charge of various sections of a project. This way they can hold themselves accountable for the results, and they will not feel micro-managed and empowered to make decisions.


Make sure your young adults are interested in the project you put them in charge of. Ask yourself what they’re passionate about. For example, if your young adult loves playing video games, then encourage him to play a game he’s never played before. Or if she wants to learn how to cook, let her help you prepare dinner. You’ll be amazed at how much fun it is to see your kid take charge of his own life.

Remember that you can’t force motivation but you can nurture it. Instead, let them decide how they want to spend their time. They’ll feel more invested in the activity if they choose it themselves.

Ask For Their Help

If you ask young adults to help you with an assignment, they will feel more involved and invested in the task. It’s also easier for them to see the value in helping you when they’re asked rather than being told.

If you want to get your young adults interested in something, get them included in everything that you do which is of interest to them. You might be surprised at what they say. “I love playing soccer,” one kid told me. “But my dad doesn’t think I’m good enough.” Another said he loves playing games. His mom thinks he’s too old for that.

Most young adults love to help others, but they don’t want your to engage them in long boring activities or to feel like they are wasting their time. They enjoy feeling needed and appreciated. So, tell them you need their help. Let them know how much you appreciate their assistance. Ask them to do something small, such as picking up trash along the road or cleaning up after themselves at school.

If you’re trying to get your young adults to help you, the best thing you can do is tell them what’s involved. That way, they’ll know exactly what they’re signing up for. For example, if you want your young adults to learn how to play tennis, you might say, “I’m going to teach you how to play tennis.” Or if you want them to go camping, you could say, “We’re going to camp at the beach do you want to join me?”

Show Them The Rewards.

If you really want young adults to take an interest in something, show them the rewards. Make sure they understand that helping you will benefit them too. Tell them that by doing so, they’ll learn new skills and gain confidence. And, let them know that you’ll reward them with praise and appreciation when they complete the task.

Also, if you are able to, offer tangible rewards. For instance, you can offer a monetary reward if they will mow your lawn, or clean your home.

Make it easy for them to appreciate the reward and easy for you to achieve. Let’s say you want your young adult to move out on their own, and offer to help with furniture. If you want the to get a job, help them with creating an online profile or writing their resume.

How Do You Motivate Young Adults to Get A Job?

Most people don’t know how to help their young adults get jobs, so I have outlined an easy-to-follow process that should get them on their way. Getting rid of the cumbersome stuff usually is enough to motivate them to complete the process.

Remember, young adults often struggle to find employment after graduation. They’re looking for jobs that will allow them to build skills, pay bills, and contribute to society. But finding a good job isn’t easy.

Below Are A Few Steps You Can Take to Motivate Your Young Adult By Helping Them Find A Job.

Start with an Online Resume.

An online resume is a great place to start when applying for a job. It’s free, easy to update, and allows you to highlight your strengths. You can use sites like LinkedIn, Monster, Indeed, and Career Builder to upload your resume.

Build a Professional Portfolio.

Once you’ve uploaded your resume, you should build a professional portfolio. This will give employers an idea of what kind of work you’re capable of doing. A portfolio site is a good place to showcase your skills and experiences. Sites like Behance, Dribbble, and Vimeo allow you to share your creative projects with others.

Network at Meetups and Events.

If you’re looking for a job, you need to network. You can do this by attending local events where people who work in your field are present. These events often include meetups, conferences, and workshops. They’re a great opportunity to connect with professionals in your industry.

Join LinkedIn Groups.

LinkedIn groups are an excellent place to start networking. There are more than 1 million groups on LinkedIn, so there’s bound to be one related to your career interests. Joining these groups will give you access to other professionals in your field, as well as provide you with opportunities to ask questions and learn new things.

Apply for Internships.

If you’re looking for internships, consider applying for positions at local colleges and universities. Many schools offer paid internships, especially during the summer months. You might even find that you enjoy the work and decide to pursue a full-time position after graduation.

A Few Final Words

We have shared with you all we can on how to get young adults motivated. This is no easy feat as each young adult is very different from the others. But the tips shared here should have you on your way to successfully getting your young adult up and going!

Christine Udeani, JD
Christine Udeani, JD

Christine is a dedicated mother of six young adults and a teenager who has made significant contributions to the online world through her writing and entrepreneurship. She attended Northwestern University, Strayer University, Thomas M Cooley School of Law, NWCULAW, and holds degrees in business, Law, and Communications. She shares tips and experiences to help young adults and their parents with this generation’s issues.

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