13 Best Traveling Jobs for Young Adults

traveling jobs for young adults

Traveling is one of life’s most enriching experiences, which explains why traveling jobs for young adults are gaining popularity. Exploring new cultures, meeting new people, and broadening one’s horizons, are just a few benefits. However, the high expenses associated with travel prevent many people from pursuing this passion. Fortunately, numerous jobs provide the opportunity to earn a living while experiencing the world.

In this blog post, we will explore 13 traveling jobs perfect for young adults looking to see the world, gain valuable experience, and make a living while doing so. From teaching English abroad to working as a cruise ship worker, we will take a closer look at these exciting and rewarding jobs that can help make your travel dreams a reality.

What Are The Benefits of a Traveling Job for Young Adults?

Traveling jobs can provide young adults with unique and enriching opportunities to develop important skills, gain valuable experience, and explore the world. Below are just a few benefits of combining a career with travel.

  • Personal growth: Traveling jobs can help young adults develop essential life skills such as adaptability, problem-solving, and cultural awareness. Working in a new environment and meeting new people can challenge young adults to step outside their comfort zones and grow as individuals.
  • Career development: Traveling jobs can also provide career development and advancement opportunities. For example, working as a tour guide or in the hospitality industry can help young adults gain valuable communication, customer service, and leadership skills.
  • Cultural immersion: Traveling jobs can offer the opportunity to immerse oneself in different cultures and better understand the world. Working in a new environment can help young adults learn about local customs, traditions, and languages and broaden their perspectives.
  • Networking: Traveling jobs for young adults can also provide opportunities to meet new people and make valuable connections. Whether it’s networking with other professionals in the industry or meeting locals in a new place, traveling jobs can help young adults build their professional and personal networks.
  • Adventure and exploration: Of course, one of the biggest benefits of traveling jobs is the chance to explore new places and have adventures. Whether you are hiking in the mountains, swimming in the ocean, or trying new foods, traveling jobs offer the opportunity to create unforgettable experiences and memories.

There are many traveling jobs for young adults, some of which include:

Travel Writer/ Travel Blogger:

A travel writer/ travel blogger is someone who writes about their travel experiences and destinations they have visited, sharing their insights and opinions with an audience. They may write for various mediums such as newspapers, magazines, guidebooks, websites, or blogs.

Travel writers/bloggers may specialize in a particular type of travel, such as adventure, luxury, or budget. They may also focus on a particular region, country, or city.


Their work typically involves researching and planning trips, experiencing and documenting the destinations they visit, and then writing about their experiences in an engaging and informative way. They may also provide practical information and advice to help others plan their own travels. The ultimate goal of a travel writer/blogger is to inspire and inform their readers about the joys of travel, suggest travel locations, offer tips to make travel less costly and safer, and share the wonders of the world.

Second, travel writing and blogging can offer much flexibility, which can be perfect for young adults who want to travel and work on their own schedules. As a freelance writer or blogger, you can work from anywhere worldwide as long as you have an internet connection.

This can allow you to travel at your own pace and explore new destinations without worrying about traditional work constraints. Additionally, if you are passionate about writing and storytelling, a career in travel writing or blogging can be a dream job that combines your love of travel and writing and allows you to create content that inspires and informs others.

Tour Guide:

A tour guide is a professional who leads groups of travelers on tours of historical, cultural, or scenic locations. Tour guides provide interesting and informative commentary on the sites being visited, answer questions, and ensure the safety and enjoyment of the group. As a tour guide, you will be responsible for showing travelers the best that a location has to offer, and for helping to create a memorable and enjoyable travel experience.

Being a tour guide allows young adults to work in different locations, develop valuable skills, and share their passion for travel and exploration with others.

Tour guiding for young provides the opportunity to explore different locations, meet new people, and share your knowledge and enthusiasm for travel with others. As a tour guide, you can work in various settings, from museums and historical sites to outdoor adventures and city tours. You can also develop diverse skills to grow your resume, including public speaking, customer service, organizational skills, plus travel experience.

Finally, being a tour guide can be financially rewarding. Most such opportunities offer competitive salaries, bonuses, and tips, making it a great career path for young adults who want to travel and share their love of exploration with others.

Flight Attendant:

A flight attendant is an airline crew member responsible for ensuring passengers’ safety, comfort, and enjoyment on commercial flights. Flight attendants assist passengers during the flight by serving food and beverages, answering questions, and providing first aid if needed. They are also trained to handle emergency situations, such as evacuations, and are responsible for enforcing airline policies and regulations.

As a flight attendant, you can travel to different parts of the world and work with people from diverse backgrounds. Plus, you can gain valuable skills in customer service, problem-solving, dealing with different personalities, and working effectively under pressure.

Being a flight attendant can be an excellent traveling job for young adults because it allows them to see the world while getting paid. Flight attendants have the chance to visit different countries and cities. They can often take advantage of airline travel benefits, such as discounted or free flights for themselves and their families. The job can also offer a flexible schedule, which is ideal for young adults who want to balance work and travel. Additionally, the role of a flight attendant can allow young adults to develop many transferable skills to other industries and help them advance in their careers.

Cruise Ship Worker:

A cruise ship worker is an individual who works onboard a cruise ship, performing a variety of tasks to ensure the ship runs smoothly and passengers have an enjoyable experience. Cruise ship workers may work in various roles, such as housekeeping, food service, entertainment, and maintenance. These jobs typically require long hours and hard work. At the same time, they offer the opportunity to travel to different parts of the world, meet new people, and gain valuable experience in the hospitality industry.

Working on a cruise ship can be an excellent traveling job for young adults because it allows them to explore the world while getting paid. Cruise ships travel to many different destinations, from tropical islands to historic cities. Working on board provides the opportunity to experience new cultures and meet people from different backgrounds.

In addition, cruise ship jobs often provide room and board, which can help young adults save money while they travel. Furthermore, working on a cruise ship can provide young adults with valuable experience in the hospitality industry, which can be helpful in pursuing a career in this field or in other customer service-related positions.

Outdoor Adventure Guide:

traveling jobs for young adults

An outdoor travel guide is an individual who leads groups of people on various outdoor adventures, such as hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, or kayaking. They are responsible for ensuring their client’s safety and enjoyment while sharing their knowledge of the area and the activity.

Outdoor travel guides typically work for adventure travel companies or as freelance guides, and they may lead groups on day trips or multi-day expeditions. This type of job can be physically demanding, but it offers the opportunity to work in beautiful natural settings and can be a great way to combine a love for the outdoors with a career.

Working as an outdoor travel guide can be a great traveling job for young adults because they can explore new places, meet new people, and gain experience in the adventure travel industry. Outdoor travel guides may work in various locations, from national parks to remote wilderness areas, and they may lead groups on domestic and international trips.

In addition to the chance to travel, working as an outdoor travel guide can also be a great way to develop marketable skills and gain experience in the outdoor recreation and hospitality industries. Overall, this can be an exciting and rewarding career for young adults who enjoy adventure and the great outdoors.

Au Pair:

As an au pair, you can travel to a foreign country and live with a host family while caring for their children and helping with household duties.

An au pair is an individual who provides childcare and other domestic support to a host family in exchange for an agreed compensation. Au pairs typically work in a foreign country, providing a cultural exchange experience for both the au pair and the host family.

It is an affordable way to travel, as the host family usually will provide room and board and some stipend for the au pair.

Working as an au pair allows young people to grow confidence and independence in a new country. They can also acquire marketable personal and professional competence, such as developing strong communication and problem-solving abilities, as well as caregiving, and interpersonal skills, all while experiencing a new culture.

International Aid Worker:

International aid organizations provide opportunities for young adults to travel and work in developing countries, providing aid and assistance to the disadvantaged.

An international aid worker is someone who works to provide assistance and support to people in need in other countries. This can involve various activities, such as delivering food and supplies, providing medical assistance, building infrastructure, and offering education and training. It is a challenging and rewarding job that can offer young adults the opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of others and experience different cultures and ways of life.

Working as an international aid worker can be an excellent traveling job for young adults because it allows them to make a meaningful impact on the world while also gaining valuable skills and experience.

As an international aid worker, you can offer first-hand assistance and advocate for people who are less privileged while traveling to different parts of the world.

As an international aid worker, you will develop strong problem-solving and communication skills, learn how to work in challenging and unpredictable environments, and be exposed to international economies and politics. You will also better understand global issues and international aid’s role in promoting positive change.

Working in the field of international aid can open doors to a range of rewarding and fulfilling careers in the nonprofit and public sectors, advocacy, as well as for-profit industries.

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English Teacher:

Teaching English abroad can provide opportunities to live and work in different countries while also earning a living. Some programs offer opportunities to travel during school breaks as well.

A traveling English teacher is a professional who travels to different countries to teach English to students of various ages and skill levels. As English is considered the most widely spoken language in the world, the demand for English teachers is high in many countries. As a result, traveling English teachers can find opportunities to work in different parts of the world, including in Asia, Europe, South America, and the Middle East. It is a job that can offer young adults the chance to immerse themselves in a new culture while also sharing their knowledge and passion for language.

Working as a traveling English teacher can be an excellent traveling job for young adults because it allows them to gain valuable teaching experience while also exploring different parts of the world. As a traveling English teacher, you will be able to interact with people from different cultures and backgrounds and develop strong communication and cultural competency skills.

Furthermore, English teaching jobs come with benefits such as accommodation, travel allowances, and health insurance, which can make it an affordable way to travel and work abroad. Not to mention, teaching English is a skill that is in high demand and can open doors to a range of career opportunities both domestically and internationally.

Digital Nomad:

If you have writing, web development, design, technical, or other digital skills, you can work remotely and travel while you work.

A digital nomad is a professional who works remotely, usually with a laptop and an internet connection, while traveling to different parts of the world. Digital nomads can work in various fields, such as writing, graphic design, web development, support, or marketing. As long as they have access to a reliable internet connection, they can work from anywhere they desire.

Being a digital nomad can be a great traveling job for young adults because it allows them to work from anywhere in the world and experience new cultures and places without sacrificing their income or professional development. This type of traveling job offers young adults flexibility and control as they determine where and when they want to work and how much they are paid.

Digital nomads can work on their own schedule, allowing them to explore new destinations and engage in local experiences. As they travel, they can learn new skills, gain a deeper understanding of different cultures, and develop their communication and problem-solving skills.

Event Planner:

Traveling event planners can work for companies hosting events in different cities or countries. This can provide opportunities to travel and experience different cultures while organizing events.

An event planner is a professional who manages and organizes events, such as weddings, corporate events, and conferences. Once you become well known, your services can be requested nationally and even internationally. Event planners can work for event planning companies, or they can work independently as freelancers.

Being an event planner allows young adults to travel to different locations, work with different clients, and participate in unique and exciting events.

As an event planner, you can work on various projects, from small-scale events to large-scale conferences. You will manage budgets, communicate with vendors, and ensure that the event runs smoothly. Working as an event planner can be a challenging but rewarding experience, as you will have the chance to see your ideas and hard work come to life. Plus, event planning is a skill that can be applied to various industries, making it a great career path for young adults who want to build a successful and flexible career.


Suppose you have a talent for capturing stunning images or creating compelling video content. In that case, you can work as a freelance photographer or videographer and travel to different locations to take pictures or film videos.


A photographer/videographer is a professional who captures and produces visual content. As a photographer/videographer, you will be responsible for creating visually appealing and high-quality content that meets your client’s needs. You can specialize in various fields, such as weddings, travel, journalism, or advertising. Today, you may even offer your services to celebrities or influencers who must capture day-to-day activities to share with their social media audience.

Being a photographer/videographer allows young adults to travel to different locations, meet new people, and capture beautiful and meaningful moments.

Being a photographer/videographer can be a great traveling job for young adults because it allows you to experience different countries, landscapes, cultures, and people through your lenses. You will also have the opportunity to be creative, experiment with different techniques and styles, and develop your own artistic vision.

Additionally, being a photographer/videographer allows for flexibility in choosing what projects to work on, making it easy to prioritize personal goals and interests. However, you’ll be forced to work on your client’s schedule once you accept a job.

Travel nurse:

Nurses specializing in travel nursing can work for a few months at a time in different locations, providing healthcare services to patients in need while traveling and experiencing different places.

A travel nurse is a healthcare professional who provides temporary nursing services to healthcare facilities in different locations. As a travel nurse, you will be responsible for providing high-quality care to patients, often in high-demand areas, such as critical care units, emergency rooms, or intensive care units.

Travel nurses are in high demand, especially in rural or remote areas, and can provide a valuable service to underserved communities. Being a travel nurse offers young adults the opportunity to work in different locations, gain valuable healthcare experience, and positively impact people’s lives.

Being a travel nurse can be a great traveling job for young adults because it allows them to work in different healthcare environments and gain valuable experience in various fields.

As a travel nurse, you will have the chance to work with different patients, healthcare teams, and management structures, which can help you develop diverse skills and knowledge. You will also have the opportunity to explore new locations, meet new people, and experience different cultures, all while providing a valuable service to those in need.

Finally, being a travel nurse can be financially rewarding, as it often offers competitive compensation and benefits packages, making it a great career path for young adults who want to travel and build a successful healthcare career.

Yacht crew:

Working on a yacht as a crew member can provide opportunities to travel to different ports and explore different destinations while performing duties such as cooking, cleaning, or deckhand work.

A yacht crew is a team of professionals who work on a yacht or a boat and are responsible for ensuring the smooth operation and maintenance of the vessel. The crew includes various positions: captain, first mate, chef, steward, and deckhand.

As a yacht crew member, you will be responsible for ensuring the vessel’s safety, providing high-quality service to guests, and maintaining the yacht’s appearance and functionality.

Being a yacht crew member allows young adults to travel to different locations, work in a beautiful and dynamic environment, and develop valuable skills, all while getting paid. Yacht crew members often work in exotic locations, such as the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, or the South Pacific, and can enjoy breathtaking views and experience different cultures while working.

As a member of the yacht crew, you will have the chance to develop diverse skills, including customer service, hospitality, navigation, and communication, which can help you build a successful career in the maritime industry.

Working on a yacht can also be financially rewarding. It often offers competitive salaries, benefits, and tips, making it a great career path for young adults who want to travel and work in a dynamic and exciting environment.

The traveling jobs for young adults mentioned here are just a few examples of many available opportunities. The key is to identify your interests and skills and find opportunities that allow you to travel while doing what you love.

What Should a Young Adult Look for in a Traveling Job?

When looking for a travel job, there are several things that young adults should consider to ensure that they find an enjoyable and sustainable job. Here are a few things to look for:

  • Flexibility: Look for a job that offers flexibility, as this can allow you to take advantage of opportunities to travel and explore new places. Jobs that allow you to work remotely or have flexible schedules can be ideal for young adults who want to balance work and travel.
  • Compensation: Make sure that your chosen job offers fair compensation for your work. Some travel jobs may pay less than traditional jobs, but the perks of traveling may make up for the difference.
  • Training and support: If you’re considering a job requiring a specific skill set, ensure you have the training and support you need to do the job well. For example, if you’re considering a job as a tour guide, ensure you have the necessary training and support to provide an enjoyable and informative experience for your guests.
  • Growth opportunities: Look for a job that offers opportunities for growth and development, as this can help you build your skills and advance your career while also allowing you to travel.
  • Personal interests: Consider your personal interests and hobbies when choosing a travel job. For example, if you love outdoor activities, you may want to consider jobs involving adventure tourism or outdoor guiding.
  • Cultural experiences: Finally, look for a job that allows you to experience different cultures and connect with people worldwide. Travel jobs can provide unique opportunities to learn about different cultures, customs, and ways of life.

A Few Final Words

Traveling jobs for young adults offer a unique opportunity to explore the world, gain valuable experience, and make a living while doing so.

The possibilities are endless, from working as a digital nomad to becoming a travel nurse. By considering key factors such as flexibility, compensation, training, growth opportunities, personal interests, and cultural experiences, young adults can find a travel job that suits their needs and goals. These jobs can offer a range of benefits, from personal growth and cultural immersion to career development and networking, as well as excellent financial compensation.

So, if you’re a young adult with a sense of adventure and a desire to explore the world, consider these 13 traveling jobs and start your journey toward an exciting and rewarding career. The world is waiting for you!

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