What Can You Do On The Weekend Besides Drinking? 20+ Fun Activities

What Can You Do On The Weekend Besides Drinking? 20+ Fun Activities

What can you do on the weekend besides drinking…? A question that haunts us all as young adults. Drinking is fun, it’s enjoyable, and it’s perfect way to let off steam and to socialize as an adult. However, I think we can all agree that it’s not all we want to do as adults…

“You’re grown up! You need to learn how to have some real fun!”

“You’re not a kid anymore! This is how adults have a blast!”

In the day-to-day life of a young adult it almost feels as if this question, What Can You Do On The Weekend Besides Drinking, is a taboo subject that’s forbidden to even think about bringing up in conversations with friends. But oddly enough, it’s a question that all of us young adults think about from time to time on the inside. It’s fun and all to have a drink or two…

or three…

or four…

But sometimes we want to spend our weekends doing other things. Sometimes we want to have fun in other ways, and there ARE other ways of fun that exist that don’t only revolve around how many shots you can swig in one night.

Alright, So What Can You Do On The Weekend Besides Drinking?

What Can You Do On The Weekend Besides Drinking?

What can you do on the weekend besides drinking? Well, in short, anything.

We’ve already talked about it here before on this website in other articles, but really anything you do can be an activity that you and your friends can enjoy. So, that means there is everything you can do as an adult on the weekend with your friends besides drinking. It really just depends on what you want to do, and what activities you guys enjoy. And so with that being said, let’s take a look at a couple things you can do on the weekends with friends besides drinking!

Nature Never Fails

What Can You Do On The Weekend Besides Drinking?

Hikes & Trails are an excellent way to go about a weekend. When you’re cooped up in a room, dorm, house, class, or office all day, nothing beats getting some fresh air and a peace of mind. And when it comes to hiking, there’s no limit on how many people you can bring, and there’s no expenses either! So, that’s double the reason as to why you should try it out!

Going To The Beach is also definitely a no-brainer when it comes to having fun on a weekend. Honestly, I’m obsessed with beaches and they’re personally a favorite for me since there’s endless activities to put yourself to. Whether it’s…

  • Surfing
  • Bonfires
  • Parties
  • Walks
  • Boating
  • Building Competitions
  • Barbeques
  • or etc.

there’s really nothing you can’t imagine not doing on the beach, so it’s smart to always give it a chance especially if you’re wondering “what CAN you do on the weekends besides drinking?”

Camping, is another one of the best ways to spend a weekend. Especially if you’re looking to do something outside—there’s no better way to enjoy yourself in nature other than just simply fully immersing yourself in it’s beauty. Grab a tent, grab some snacks, grab some friends, and I assure that you’ll enjoy the experience.

Pick Up a Bike! You’ll be surprised by how enjoyable biking with a buddy can be. Whether your intention is to explore, get a quick workout, or just enjoy the ride, biking with a buddy is peaceful experience in it’s own. Personally, I feel everybody should give it a try.

New Measures Call For New Hobbies

What Can You Do On The Weekend Besides Drinking?

Gardening? Some might agree that this hobby can seem a bit dull at first glance. But I assure you that there’s a life behind gardening that awaits everyone—and that includes you. There’s something that’s just fascinating about creating something and growing it until it’s become an unrecognizable beauty. If you or your friends aren’t plant heads already, give gardening a try and I’m sure you’ll be glad!

Put On The Mitts and Bake. Cooking and baking are one of the most mind-engrossing ways to spend a weekend. Partaking in meal-cooking-activities not only gives friends something to do and a fun process to enjoy—they also give you guys a savory reward at the end. Cakes, brownies, muffins, rolls; lasagnas, pastas, pizzas; wings, ribs, hotdogs; watch you and your friends become certified chefs by simply having fun and hanging out while making food on the weekends.

Go Paint! Refreshing your mind and expressing your creativity through a canvas is truly one of the greatest ways to spend a weekend. Painting is so peaceful that it almost comes off as therapeutic. You and your friends can head out to a paint club nearby and put your brushes to the test, or you guys could just kick it back in the house and paint/draw there. Regardless, the activity is definitely one to always enjoy.

Try Something New. Sometimes we don’t know what our hobbies are, or what hobbies we’re interested in and that’s perfectly fine because the beauty of having fun on the weekend is centered around having a good, enjoyable time with the people of your choice, and not being limited to what you guys already know. I assure you that some of the best times are had when testing or trying out new things: Fishing, fencing, singing, collecting, dancing, gaming, sewing, photographing, hunting, the list goes on, the key is to have an enjoyable time while experimenting!

You Can’t Go Wrong With Working Out

What Can You Do On The Weekend Besides Drinking?

Time to Run. Jogging, running, marathons, you name it—maybe you’ve got an active group of friends that love getting up and getting out. Not only is running an amazing way to be active and keep yourself in great shape, it’s also a fun experience to try with friends. If you’re already a runner, try inviting your friends for a jog, or challenge them to a race—you’ll be surprised as to how enjoyable running can be.

Hit The Gym! Workout! Exercise! Hit the weights! Working out in it’s own is already a very enjoyable process once it becomes a habit. However, simply bringing a buddy to your side can transform it into an even more lovely experience. Having a person to spot you, track your progress, and break your records with is an amazing feeling. So if you’re ever looking to an alternative to drinking on the weekends, go tear some muscles with a friend!

Yoga, it doesn’t ever hurt to stretch—okay maybe sometimes it does—but yoga can be amazing way to spend time with friends. Once you get used to the process, you’ll find that it’s a very relaxing and therapeutic activity. Find a class and an instructor, or bring a mat to your house and invite your friends over for some stretching. Hands down, I’m sure it’s one of the most tranquil ways to hangout.

Sports. Soccer, basketball, volleyball, football, tennis, golf, swimming, baseball, you name it. Sports are a common interest, and are definitely an amazing alternative to drinking on the weekends. There are rarely any people that’ll turn down beach volleyball, or a game of basketball. Even if you are new or have no experience with sports, learning and playing can create a special bond with you, your friends, and the activity. I’m convinced that there’s nothing better than an adrenaline rush in a friendly match of soccer.

When In Doubt, Take a Road Trip

What Can You Do On The Weekend Besides Drinking?

Road Trips are a true gem. If you’ve got the time and gas, pick up some friends, pack some bags, and hit the road. Some of the most powerful experiences are done through road trips (I mean just take a look at Are We There Yet?). Also, you learn a thing or two about people when you guys are on the road, you’ll be surprised that even the closest friends and family have things about them that you’ve never known.

Late Night Rides. Now if you and your friends are the vibey type, then I promise you’ll enjoy going out for late night rides. There’s nothing extra to them, pick up some friends, turn on your favorite songs, go explore and chill. Sweet and simple, as all things should be.

Tourism, Explore Your City! Similar to late night rides, tourism in your own city can truly become one of the most engrossing adventures to indulge in. Explore new restaurants, check out historical memorials, go indulge yourself in the beauty of your region—let curiosity be your guide.

Quick Note: Exploring and experimenting are some of the most amusing things to do on weekends if you ask me. There’s really no end to the possibilities, just…don’t get lost!

Final Thoughts

As mentioned before, when it comes to hanging out with friends on the weekend, you can really make anything into an enjoyable event. It just truly depends on what you’re interested in and what you want to do with them. There will always be something to do when looking for alternatives to drinking on the weekend, because in truth drinking is just another one of the millions of things you can do with friends for fun on weekends.

“What can you do on the weekend besides drinking?”

Well, with that being said, I hope that this answered your question. And if you’re still curious for more ideas or ways to spend the weekend, here are some honorable mentions.

Honorable Mentions: What Can You Do On The Weekend Besides Drinking?

  • Go Bowling!
  • Mocktails?
  • Go Out To A Party!
  • Netflix Nights
  • Try Out Karaoke
  • Comedy Clubs Are The Best
  • Kick Back and Chill At The House

I hope I helped, happy weekend adventures!

Christopher Udeani and Christine Udeani, JD
Christopher Udeani and Christine Udeani, JD

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