Why is Voting Important for Young Adults?

Why is Voting Important for Young Adults

You may ask, why is voting important for young adults? Even though some people think differently, the statistics show that young adults today are more politically engaged than previous generations. What does this mean for the political landscape?

The Millennial generation has been called “the most diverse in history,” yet many millennials still feel that their voices aren’t being heard by politicians.

So, Why is voting important to young adults? The answer is that young adults today are more aware of issues that concern them, and there is a huge disconnect between the older generations and young adults. As a result, you adult are stepping up to make their voices heard by voting. They want to change ideologies that are in place that they don’t agree with, and make sure that things they believe is best for their generation are being addressed. Besides, young adults are more tolerant and inclusive than older voters, when they don’t speak up, laws are put into place that they don’t agree with.

This post will help you learn how to engage with younger voters and find out why so many millennials are turning away from traditional parties.

Can Young Adults Change The World?

There are so many political issues that are no longer driven by common sense, but by what a specific party wants. Issues like gun violence, women’s rights, gay rights, economic decisions and immigration remain top issues in politics today.

While the younger generation takes a more compassionate and tolerant approach to social and humanitarian issues, older people seem very stuck in their ways, most of which is dictated by religion and culture.

If young people do speak up through votes, they are more likely to impact those laws that are meaningless to them, which the older generation have become comfortable with.

Why don't young adults vote

So, what are Young People Doing to Change The World?

Many young adults do not understand the power they wield as a generation. They have extremely different views from most of the last generation. They have realized that through social media, they can unite to give a voice to those ideas that have a huge support from their generation. They vote, but they don’t need to vote to get their voices heard.

Most young people today vote, at least the statistics show that they out-voted their parents when they were the same age. Their strength lies in not standing behind a majority party, but behind an individual. By doing so, they are showing that they are stronger than the party. They are also showing that if you have their best interest at heart, it is more than likely that you will have their support.

Below are a few things young adults today are doing to show that they are a group to contend with.

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They’re Voting Today

Voting is an important part of democracy. It gives citizens a voice in how laws are made and helps determine which candidates will represent them in government.

In 2016, young adults were more likely to vote than any other age group. And while there’s no doubt that older people are also more likely to vote, millennials are making up a larger share of the electorate than ever before. This means that the issues that matter to them will play an increasingly large role in determining who wins elections.

Why the statistics is important is because there is a general belief that young adults don’t vote.

Why Don’t Young Adults Vote?

There are several reasons why younger generations are less likely to vote. First, young people are more likely than older generations to live in urban areas with low voter turnout rates. Second, young people are more apt to view politics as something separate from them. Third, young people are more interested in social justice issues than older generations. Fourth, young people are more concerned about climate change and environmental issues than older generations. Finally, young people are more politically active than older generations.

Why is Voting Important for Young Adults?

Young people should be encouraged to vote because they are more likely to understand issues affecting their lives. They also tend to vote more often than older generations

Why voting is important to young adults

Voting is an important part of democracy

Young adults understand the question, Why is Voting Important for Young Adults? Voting is an important component of democracy. In fact, voting is one of the only ways that individuals can directly influence the decisions that affect their daily lives. However, young voters are less likely to participate in elections than older generations. According to Pew Research Center, just 29 percent of 18-29 year olds voted in the 2016 presidential election compared with 51 percent of those 65 years old and older.

People who don’t vote are less informed about politics

There are several reasons why young people are less likely to vote. First, young people are less likely than older generations to feel connected to political parties. Second, young people are less knowledgeable about politics. Third, young people are less interested in politics. Finally, young people are less motivated to vote.

The younger generation may feel they don’t have access to vote

In addition to these reasons, there are other reasons why young people are not voting as much as previous generations. One reason is that young people are more likely to live in urban areas where voter turnout rates are lower. Another reason is that young people do not see themselves as part of the political process.

Older generations have had longer to develop political views

Older generation have had more timeto develop their political view. Still their views are typically more in tune with the political parties they belong to. Young adults are more flexible with their own views. They sympathize with disadvantaged groups and support what they feel is moral.

Younger voters are more likely to change their minds

In fact, research shows that young people are more likely to change how they feel about an issue after learning new facts about it. This means that when young people learn about an issue, they are more likely to become engaged in political activities related to that issue.

How Young Adults Are More Politically Active Than Ever Before

How Young Adults Are More Politically Active Than Ever Before

The general consensus is that since young adults don’t vote (arguably false), then they ar not interested in politics and therefore they are not politically active. The statistics by Pew Research center opposes this view. As you can see below, millenials have out-voted their agemates in any generation, and are very completely vested in the outcomes of elections.

A few activities where millenials made their voices heard are in voting of Obama into presidency, voting of Beto O’Rouke, where he almost beat Ted Cruz (unheard of in Texas history), Black Lives Matter protest, notably the largest demostration (globally) of its kind, which protested the killing of George Flyod in police custody, and this is just to name a few.

The younger generation, who tend to vote neither republican nor democratic focus their voice on issues that are of interest to them and vote whatever candidate (irrespective of party) stands for those issues.

They’re Making their Voices Heard

According to Pew Research Center, young adults are more likely to vote than any other age group. In fact, nearly two-thirds (64%) of 18-29-year-olds voted in 2016 compared to just one-third (34%) of those 65 years old and older. This trend has been consistent since 2000 when 64% of 18-29 year-olds voted compared to 35% of seniors.

They’re Running for Office

As millennials become a bigger part of the voting population, we’ll see more candidates with millennial values run for office. These candidates will represent the interests of younger voters and will make sure that policies reflect our priorities.

They’re Getting Involved

Are you still asking, Why is Voting Important for Young Adults? There are several reasons why millennials are more politically active than previous generations. First, they grew up with social media. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter allow people to share their opinions and connect with others who share similar views.

Second, millennials are more educated than previous generations. A higher level of education means more knowledge about politics and government. Third, millennials are less religious than previous generations. Religion often plays an important role in how people view politics. Finally, millennials are more diverse than previous generations. People of color make up a larger percentage of the millennial generation than previous generations.

Why is Voting Important for Young Adults

They’re voting at higher rates than any other generation before them

In 2016, young adults voted at a rate of 72 percent. This was the highest turnout among any age group since 1972. However, there were some differences between men and women. Women made up 54 percent of voters under 30 years old, while only 43 percent of men did. Men also turned out at lower rates than women. Only 46 percent of men voted compared to 52 percent of women.

A Few Final Words

In asking, “Why is Voting Important for Young Adults?” you can see that this post has taken a deep look at most related issues. Voting is important to young adults as it helps them to decide their further and the future of their generation.

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